Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort: 14125 North Road 
Cypress Cove Nudist Resort & Spa: 4425 Pleasant Hill Road Kissimmee,
 Sandy Terraces Associates Family Nudist Campground....
     On Cape Cod
 Haulover Beach, la nudité à la floridienne
Une longue plage de sable blanc s'étend à l'est de la baie de Biscayne sur plus de 2 kilomètres : Haulover Beach côtoie les structures touristiques du parc éponyme et, embrasse la peau découverte des baigneurs. « Bare if you dare ! » (« déshabillez-vous, si vous osez ! »).
Haulover Beach: 10800 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33154 États-Unis. www.hauloverbeach.org.

Où se baigner nu en Floride ? :

American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR)


The Naturist Society (TNS)
Organisation American Association for Nude Recreation Organisation The Naturist Society
Abréviation AANR Abréviation  TNS
Adresse American Association for Nude Recreation, 1703 North Main Street, Suite E, Kissimee. FL-34744 Adresse  Nicky Hoffman, 627 Bay Shore Drive Ste 200. WI-54901 Oshkosh
Téléphone 001 (800) 879-6833 / 001 (407) 933-2064  Téléphone:  001 (800) 886-7230
Courriel /  [email protected] Courriel / E-mail:  [email protected]
Web: www.aanr.com Web:  www.naturistsociety.com
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Drapeau (US) États- Unis:
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If you’re seeking an afternoon or two of idyllic undressed freedom, be it a nude beach, a topless pool or a hike in the buff, it’s a lot easier to find than you may imagine: To varying degrees, there’s a place in every single state in the US where you can satisfy your inner exhibitionist, naturist or occasional desire to hang out in nothing but your birthday suit. Here are the best places to bare all in every state. www.orbitz.com/blog/2018/08/the-best-place-to-get-naked-in-all-50-states/
Yup, the Deep South is pretty conservative when it comes to nudity. But, if you’re looking to get nekkid, there are several nudist resorts and campgrounds scattered throughout the state. Daytrippers should check out Gymo-Vita Park, a clothing-optional space east of Birmingham (for families and couples only), featuring a lodge, pool and more than 110 acres of trails for in-the-buff hiking.  
Public nudity is illegal in Alaska. That said, nude hiking in a state this vast and underpopulated has become a trend. McKinley Park offers a huge swaths of secluded terrain that’s accessible via a backcountry hiking permit (just try to stay out of the eye of other campgrounds). Surprisingly, Alaska is known for its mosquitos, so you’ll want to remember to bring that repellent.